cell division- meiosis- prophase 1

Cell Division- meiosis

Cell Division- meiosis Meiosis occurs in sexual reproduction, where the production of offspring by the fusion of gametes with a haploid set of chromosomes. This division is also called reduction division because the number of chromosomes gets reduced by half in daughter cells. In plants and animals, meiosis is found Read more…

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cell division-mitosis

Cell Division-mitosis

Cell Division-mitosis Introduction: Cell division is the process by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells. Organisms need new cells to grow, replace old, dead, and injured cells and also form gametes which are necessary for reproduction, the process by which cell arises from pre-existing cells Read more…

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Biomolecules and their importance

Biomolecules The cell of organisms is made up of various organic as well as inorganic elements and water. All the chemicals or molecules essential for the maintenance of all vital or physiological actions of the body are termed biomolecules. A biomolecule or biological molecules are present in organisms that are Read more…

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cell organelle- mitochondria

Cell Organelles

Cell Organelles The cellular components present inside cells are called cell organelles, it is a subcellular (present within the cell) structure that performs one or more specific jobs in the cell. Cell organelles on the basis of membrane The cell organelles includes membranous as well as non- membranous bound organelles. Read more…

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eukaryotic cell

Structure and function of cell

Structure and function of cell The cells are the building blocks of the body and are thus considered the structural units of organisms. These are also called functional units because each cell performs certain functions essential for the survival and maintenance of the body. Discovery of cell: Aristotle (384-322 BC) Read more…

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