The five kingdom classification

Biological classification-Five Kingdom

Biological classification-Five Kingdom System Biological Classification: First of all, Aristotle attempts a scientific basis for classification. Aristotle used simple morphological characters to classify plants into trees, shrubs, and herbs. He also divided animals on the basis of red blood containing (enaima) and one which had not to have red blood Read more…

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sources of modern history

Sources of Modern History of India

Sources of Modern History of India Archives refer to a collection of historical records and documents, usually primary source documents, which provide information of the past. Four types of archival materials – central government archives state government archives records of intermediate and subordinate authorities judicial records Some famous British travelers Read more…

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Rise of nationalism in Europe

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe (It is a compiled note based on NCERT class 10th History chapter)  French artist Frederic Sorrieu prepared a series of four prints in 1848 visualizing his dream of a world made up of democratic and social Republics’, these points show- The first print of the Read more…

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Fertilization In Human

Reproductive system in human

Reproductive system in human Humans reproduce sexually and are viviparous (produce young ones rather than eggs). It goes through various steps and can be studied in two-part- i.e. male reproductive system and the female reproductive system The main processes in the reproductive system is the Formation of gametes, fertilization, pregnancy, and Read more…

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reproduction in organism

Reproduction in Organisms

Reproduction in Organisms In simple language, the definition of reproduction is “The process by which living organisms produce their offspring for the continuity of their species is known as reproduction.” It is one of the most important characteristics of organisms. In this process, the genetic material transmits from the parental Read more…

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