Organisms with Taxonomic Categories - Taxonomy


Taxonomy In biology, taxonomy refers to the scientific study of naming, defining, and classifying groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics. It is the process of classification based on the external features as well as internal structures, development process, and ecological information of organisms, etc. Classical Taxonomy Read more…

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Human digestive system

Human Digestive System

Human Digestive System Human beings consist of a well-developed digestive system for nutrition. Human nutrition deals with the provision of essential nutrients in food that are necessary to support good health and life. As we all know, good nutrition is essential for physical and mental growth, so it is highly Read more…

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Plasmolysis in plants - Transport in plants

Transport in Plants

Transport in Plants Plants perform the process of transportation in different ways in both short distance as well as long distances. The long-distance transport occurs mainly through vascular tissues (i.e., xylem, and phloem) and the process is called translocation. Over small distances, materials move through diffusion, cytoplasmic streaming, and active Read more…

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Dental formula in mammals

Dentition in Mammals – Types of teeth and dental formula

Dentition in Mammals Dentition means the arrangement of teeth in the upper and lower jaws on the premaxilla, maxilla, and dentary bones. Development of tooth: Teeth develop over the jaw bone where certain Malpighian cells start actively multiplying forming a mass of cells called dental lamina or enamel organ. A Read more…

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Migration in Birds: Adaptation, Reason, and Types of Migration

Migration in Birds: Adaptations, Reasons, and Types of Migration

Migration in Birds Migration in birds is a phenomenon in which birds travel from one place to another in search of favorable conditions and more resources for their survival. The migration also involves the journey to return to the original place. The migration in birds takes place during seasonal change Read more…

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