Floral diagram and formula of family Solanaceae

Floral Diagram and formula

Floral  Diagram and Formula Floral Diagram: The diagram that illustrates the relative position and number of parts present in each whorl in flower is termed the floral diagram. It provides information about the number of parts of a flower, their arrangement, and the relation they sharing with one another. The Read more…

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The Fruit - Morphology

The Fruit – Morphology of Flowering Plants

The Fruit – Morphology The fruit is a characteristic feature of flowering plants. It is a mature or ripened ovary that develops after fertilization. Sometimes fruit also develops without fertilization, which is called a parthenocarpic fruit. Types of fruits: parthenocarpic fruit: The fruit develops without fertilization, and it is a Read more…

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Inflorescence in flowers

Inflorescence in flowers The reproductive shoot-bearing group or cluster of flowers, that arrangement or specific pattern of flowers on the floral axis is called an inflorescence. The main axis of an inflorescence is called a peduncle. Inflorescence can be divided into the following types: Racemose Inflorescence Cymose Inflorescence Compound /mixed Read more…

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