Human endocrine system

Endocrine Gland And Hormones

Endocrine Gland And Hormones Ernest Starling was the first person who coined the term “Hormone”. The endocrine glands lack ducts and are hence are called ductless glands. The secretions of the ductless gland are called hormones.   Hormones can be scientifically* (new definition from NCERT) defined as Hormones are non-nutrient Read more…

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Pollution  Pollution is an undesirable change in physical, chemical, and biological characteristics in our air, land, and water that is harmful or may harm future organisms. The actions such as construction, transportation, and manufacturing, all these activities not only deplete the natural resources, even produce a large number of wastes Read more…

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important Environmental Acts in India

Important Environmental Laws Of India

Important Environmental Laws Of India As we know the environmental problems are global in nature so to prevent such problems environmental legislation is needed at the national level as well as international level. The Constitution of India under Part IVA (Art 51A-Fundamental Duties) casts a duty on every citizen of Read more…

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pyramid of Biomass marine eco

Pyramids In Ecosystem

Pyramids In Ecosystem These are the graphic representations of trophic levels showing the relationship between different organisms in an ecosystem. There are three types of pyramids: Pyramid of number Pyramid of biomass Pyramid of energy Pyramid of number– represents the number of organisms at each tropic level for example in Read more…

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Our Environment

The environment can be defined as the surrounding in which an organism can survive.  Every living organism gets affected by the environment and organisms also affect the environment. The term environment, derived from the word “Environia” means to surround. It refers to both the Abiotic (physical or non-living) and the Biotic (living) environment. Read more…

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