Wildlife sanctuaries in India

List of Important Wildlife Sanctuaries of India

What is Wildlife Sanctuary? Wildlife Sanctuary is an area comprised of any reserve forest or territorial waters that can be notified by the State Government to constitute a sanctuary if such an area is of adequate ecological, faunal, floral, geomorphological, natural. or zoological significance, to protect, propagate, or developing wildlife Read more…

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World Press Freedom index

World Press Freedom index 2021

World Press Freedom Index 2021 When Released: 20th April 2021 Who Released: Reporters Without Borders (RSF) a  French NGO. Head office:  Paris  France. INDIA Rank: 142  (Out of 180 Countries). India was kept the same rank in 2020 too World press freedom index – Top Five Ranks in 2021 1st Read more…

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Military Expenditure by Country in 2019

Largest Military Spender Countries in The World 2020 & 2021Report

Largest Military Spender Countries in The World 2020 Report. When Released: 27th-April-2020 Who Released: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The study report is based on the 2019 fact sheet of SIPRI. Headquarters: Solna Stockholm, Sweden INDIA Rank: 3rd The Study has done about Largest Military Spender Countries in the Read more…

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Global Manufacturing Risk Index (MRI) 2020

Global Manufacturing Risk Index (MRI) 2020:- When Released: 25th June 2020 Who Released: Cushman & Wakefield plc (CWK). It is a global commercial real estate services firm. HeadQuarter: Chicago, Illinois (United States) 1st Rank: China 2nd Rank: USA (United States of America) 3rd Rank: India The Global Manufacturing Risk Index Read more…

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