What are Lakes?

Lakes are static bodies of water that are surrounded by land on all sides. They vary in size and depth.

Which is the largest lake in the world? 

The Caspian Sea (The largest inland water body) is the world’s largest lake, followed by the superior lake (North America) and the Victoria lake ( Africa).

The largest lake in India

In India, Chilka lake is the largest saltwater lake while the Wular lake is the largest freshwater lake.

List of important Lakes in India with related states/UT

S.No. Lake State/UT
1 Asthamudi (Lagoon) Kerala
2 Bhimtal Uttarakhand
3 Chilka  (Lagoon)

Largest Saline water lake

4 Dal Lake Kashmir
5 Devtal Lake

(Highest lake)

6 Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar

Largest man-made lake in India on Rihand dam in Uttar Pradesh and border of Madhyapradesh

Uttarpradseh (Rhand dam)
7 Kanwar Lake

Asia largest freshwater oxbow lake

8 Kolleru

Located between Krishna and Godavari deltas

Andhra Pradesh
9 Loktak Lake Manipur
10 Lonar Lake

Also called Lonar Crater

It is notified, National Geo- Heritage Monument, Saline, soda lake. It is created during the Pleistocene epoch by a meteorite collision. Located at Lonar in Buldhana district Maharastra.

11 Naini Tal Uttarakhand
12 Nakki Lake

Situated in the Indian hill station in Mount Abu in the Aravalli range.

13 Nizam Sagar Andhra Pradesh
14 Parashuram Kund Arunachal Pradesh
15 Pong Morari Ladakh
16 Pulicut Lake

Second largest brackish water lagoon after Chilka lake in India.

Andhra Pradesh
17 Pushkar Lake Rajasthan
18 Rabindra Sarobar

Also called Dhakuria lake

West Bengal
19 Salt lake Kolkata
20 Sambhar Lake

Inland Salt lake

21 Thol Lake

Artificial freshwater lake

22 Tso Moriri

Also called a mountain lake sited in Changthang plateau in Ladakh.

Protected as Tso Moriri wetland conservation reserve.

Situated at an altitude of 4,522m.

23 Udaipur Lake

also called Pichola lake

24 Upper and Lower lakes

In Bhopal, the Lower lake is also called as ‘Chotta Talab’

Madhya Pradesh
25 Vembanad Kayal (Lagoon)

It is the longest lake in India and the largest lake in Kerala.

It is the second-largest Ramsar site with an area of 2033 sq. km.  in India after Sunderbans.


Vynthala Lake-  is a natural oxbow lake found in Vynthala, nearMala, Thrissur District of Kerala. It was formed from a “cutoff” of the Chalakudy River which flows near to it. The lake is considered to be the only naturally formed Oxbow lake in the whole of south India.

(Source- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vynthala_Lake)

27 Wular Lake

Largest Lake in India

This lake is fed by the Jhelum River and formed by tectonic activities.


(Sited in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir)

28 Deedwana Lake

Saline water lake (High quantity of fluoride in salt, so non-edible salt is  found produced)

Rajasthan, Nagaur
29 Kuchaman (salt lake)

Saline water lake

Rajasthan, Nagaur

Important lakes in India: Map view (Note: map not for scale)

important lakes in India

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