Global Innovation Index 2021

When Released: 20th September 2021

Who Released: Published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), in partnership with the Portulans Institute and our corporate partners: The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Ecopetrol (Colombia), and the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM)

Headquarters: Geneva (Switzerland)

India Rank: 46th (Jumped Up 2 spot from the last year 48th   rank in 2020 )

Top 10 ranked Countries: The World’s top 10 innovation Leaders in 2021:
  1. Switzerland
  2. Sweden
  3. S. (United States of America)
  4. K. (United Kingdom)
  5. Republic of Korea
  6. Netherlands
  7. Finland
  8. Singapore
  9. Denmark
  10. Germany

Next 10 ( top 20) countries with their rank in GII 2021.

  1. France
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Hong Kong (China)
  5. Israel
  6. Canada
  7. Iceland
  8. Austria
  9. Ireland
  10. Norway

India jumped 2 spots UP in Global Innovation Index 2021. India improved its ranking this year and ranked 46th among 132 countries across the globe. It is the 14th Edition of the GII report. This Report has been prepared under the theme of Tracking Innovation through the COVID-19 Crisis.

The 2021 edition of the GII report presents the latest global innovation ranking of 132 economies, and it depends upon 81 different indicators. In this edition of the GII report, The new Global Innovation Tracker is Introduced to tracking the most recent global innovation trends and the report also focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on innovation.

About the Global Innovation Index:

The Global Innovation Index 2021 (GII), Release every year since 2007 annually by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) based in GENEVA  Switzerland.

This year report has Prepared in partnership with the “ Portulans Institute”  and with the support of our Corporate Partners: “ The Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI)”, “ Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)”, “ Ecopetrol  (Columbia)”, and the “ Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM)”.

The GII has been recognized by the UN Economic and Social Council  in its 2019 Resolution on Science, Technology, and Innovation for Development,  as an authoritative benchmark for measuring Innovation in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Core of GII provides performance measures and ranks 132 Economies on their innovation ecosystems. The GII collects the data on 81 indicators from International Public and Private Sources. In collections of the data, it includes Social, Business Model, and technical aspects.

The GII 2021 is calculated as the average of Two sub-indices :
  • The Innovation Input Sub – Index: It measures elements of the economy that enable and facilitate Innovative activities and it is grouped into Five Pillars.
    1. Institutions
    2. Human Capital and Research
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Market Sophistication
    5. Business Sophistication
  • The Innovation Output Sub-Index: It measures and captures the actual result of innovative activities within the economy. It is divided into two Pillars :
    1. Knowledge and technology outputs and
    2. Creative outputs.

The index report is submitted to an Independent Statistical audit by the European Commission, Joint Research center.

Key Points :

  • The Global Innovation Index 2021 (GII) report is published every year since 2007 by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).
  • The GII report has included 132 countries this year across the globe and the report is based upon 81 different indicators, including measures on the political environment, education, infrastructure, and knowledge creation of each economy.
  • The GII takes the pulse of most recent global innovation trends and it highlights Innovation Strengths and Weaknesses and particular gaps in innovation
  • The GII has been recognized by the UN Economic and Social Council in its 2019 Resolution on Science, Technology, and Innovation for Development.
  • India Holds 46th rank this year globally and 1st rank in Central and Southern Asia Region. In Central and Southern Asia Region Iran Rank is 2nd, Global Rank is 60th, and Kazakhastan Rank is 3rd, Global Rank is 79th.
    • China Holds 12th rank globally and 3rd rank in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Oceania. In the Southeast Asia Republic of Korea holds 1st rank followed by Singapore’s 2nd rank.   
  • In 2021, An Academic Network was established to engage world-leading universities – faculty members and graduate students included – in GII research and support to spread the GII results within the academic community. Below are the following Academic network partners.
    • Brazil: University of São Paulo (USP), (School of Economics, Management, Accounting, and Actuarial Sciences)
    • China: Peking University, (Office of Science and Technology Development)
    • Colombia: Universidad de los Andes, (School of Management)
    • Egypt: The American University in Cairo (AUC), (School of Business)
    • France: Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD),
    • Mexico: Tecnológico de Monterrey EGADE Business School,
    • Nigeria: Lagos Business School Pan-Atlantic University (LBS)
    • Russian Federation: Higher School of Economics (HSE), (Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge)
    • United States of America: Cornell SC Johnson College of Business,
  • The GII report has been prepared with the support of corporate partners. Below following are the corporate partners.
    • Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI): (President: Robson Braga de Andrade)
    • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII): (Director General: Chandrajit Banerjee)
    • Ecopetrol Group (Columbia) : (Chief Executive Officer: Felipe Bayón Pardo)
    • Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM): (Chair: İsmail Gulle)

The different metrics that the GII offers can be used to monitor performance and benchmark developments against economies within the same region or income group classification.

The Framework of the Global Innovation Index:

Framework of the global innovation index 2021

The framework of the global innovation index 2021

Top three Innovation Economies by Region:
Top three innovation economies by region

Top three innovation economies by region

Top three innovation economies by income group:
Top three innovation economies by income group

Top three innovation economies by income group

Region-wise top three countries in Global Innovation Index report:
Region-wise GII top three ranked countries

Region-wise GII top three ranked countries

About WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property policy, services, information, and cooperation.

It is a specialized agency of the United Nations, WIPO assists its 193 member states in developing a balanced international IP legal framework to meet society’s evolving needs.

It provides business services for obtaining IP rights in multiple countries and resolving disputes. It delivers capacity-building programs to help developing countries benefit from using IP. And it provides free access to unique knowledge banks of IP information.

About Portulans Institute:

Portulans Institute (PI) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan think tank based in Washington DC. Founded in 2019, PI aims to develop cross-community knowledge and dialogue on how people, technology, and innovation contribute to sustainable and innovative growth, and inform policy-makers by producing independent, rigorous metrics and data-based research.

PI brings together a network of thought leaders from government, international organizations, the private sector, civil society, and academia to drive a business agenda that invests in people, technology, and innovation for a prosperous future.

In partnership with the Portulans Institute, the Global Innovation Index (GII), founded by Soumitra Dutta and Bruno Lanvin, is published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The GII has evolved into a valuable benchmarking tool that can facilitate public-private dialogue across policymakers, business leaders, and other stakeholders. The Portulans Institute also serves as the home for the GII Academic- and Corporate Network Partners.



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