World Press Freedom Index 2023

Published by: Reporter Without Borders (RSF) – A non-profit organization (NGO) based in Paris. RSF has a consultative status of the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO The Council of Europe and the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF)

  •  OIF is an organization of 54 French-speaking countries.

Published on : 03rd – MAY- 2023

Rank of India: In the World Press Freedom Index 2023, INDIA ranked 161 among 180 countries this year. It has received point 36. 62

About WPFI:

World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) is an annual compiled ranking of press freedom in countries. It is compiled and published by Reporter Without Borders (RSF) Non-profit organization annually since 2002.

  • RSF published this report on the basis of its own organizational assessment of each country’s press freedom record in the previous year.
  • It intends to show the degree of freedom that is available for Journalists, News Organizations, and netizens (internet and social Media users) in each country and the authorities who made the effort to respect this freedom.
  • RSF only deals with Press freedom in countries.  It does not consider the quality of journalism in countries that have access and human rights violations in general as well.

Countries Scoring and Evaluation Criteria :

To compile the index, RSF has developed the online questionnaire method focusing on the subject mentioned below. RSF sends the questionnaire to Journalists, Media Lawyers, Researchers,  and other media Specialists selected by RSF in the 180 Countries and regions covered by the Index.

The Scores are assigned to each country and region on the basis of answers provided by these experts.

Scoring :

This index assigns a score scale between 0 to 100 to each country putting them in the below categories:

  • Good: 85 – 100  points
  • Satisfactory: 70 – 85 points
  • Problematic: 55 – 70 points
  • Difficult: 40 – 55 points
  • Very Serious < 40  points
Evaluation :

The WPFI prepared the Ranking  using their assessment  based on a questionnaire in the following areas :

  • Pluralism ( measures the degree of representation and opinion in media spaces
  • Media Independence
  • Media Environment and Self-censorship
  • Legislative framework
  • Transparency
  • Infrastructure that supports the production of news and information.
  • Abuses against journalists
Top-ranked countries in WPFI 2023

Top-ranked countries in the World Press Freedom Index are:

  • Norway (1st) 7th consecutive year in the WPFI index
  • Ireland (2nd),
  • Denmark (3rd)
  • Sweden (4th)
  • Finland(5th)
Bottom Ranked Countries in WPFI 2023:

Bottom-ranked countries are:

  • Turkmenistan (176th),
  • Iran (177th),
  • Vietnam (178th),
  • China (179th),
  • North Korea (180th )

The Rank of India’s Neighboring Countries in World Press Freedom Index 2023

The Rank of India’s Neighboring Countries are:

  • Bangladesh (163rd),
  • Pakistan (150th),
  • Sri Lanka (135th),
  • Nepal (95th),
  • Bhutan (90th), and
  • Myanmar (173rd).


Reference: The World Press Freedom Index | RSF

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