Life Process-1-Nutrition

Life process There are some basic essential activities performed by an organism to survive, these processes are called life processes, or these may be called basic functions performed for the survival of organisms. The life processes are respiration, nutrition, transportation, excretion, control, and coordination. Life processes are the main criteria Read more…

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Biomolecules and their importance

Biomolecules The cell of organisms are made up of organic as well as inorganic elements and water. All the chemicals or molecules which is essential for maintenance for the all vital or physiological action of the body are called biomolecules. These chemicals are mostly composed of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Read more…

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cell organelle- mitochondria

Cell Organelles

Cell Organelles The cellular components are called cell organelles, it is a subcellular (present within the cell) structure that performs one or more specific jobs in the cell. It includes membranous as well as non- membranous bound oragnells. There are different types of organelles present inside the cell, these may Read more…

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