World Happiness Report 2023

The World Happiness Report is released annually around March 20th as part of the International Day of Happiness celebration.

Top Ranked Country: The European Nation Finland is the world’s happiest country for the sixth year in a row, according to World Happiness Report ranking based largely on the life evaluations from the Gallup World Poll.

Position of India: In the World Happiness Report 2023 the position of India has improved from 136th to 126th rank.

The list rank holder: Afghanistan is listed on the bottom with a rank holding 137, and the second last Lebanon is 136th rank.

  • A total of 137 countries have been ranked in this report.

The Report Published by: The World Happiness Report is published by “Sustainable Development Solutions Network, powered by the Gallup World Poll data.


United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/281, proclaiming 20 March to be observed annually as the International Day of Happiness.

The World Happiness Report reflects a worldwide demand for more attention to happiness and well-being as criteria for government policy.

The reviews World Happiness Report reviews the state of happiness in the world today and shows how the science of happiness explains personal and national variations in happiness.

The countries are ranked on happiness based on their average life evaluations over the three preceding years, 2020 to 2022.

The report considers factors including income, emotional support, health, freedom of choice, generosity, and the absence of corruption.

Top 10 countries in World Happiness Report 2023:

Rank Name of Country
1st Finland
2nd Denmark
3rd Iceland
4th Israel
5th Netherlands
6th Sweden
7th Norway
8th Switzerland
9th Luxembourg
10th New Zealand
126th India

Non-European countries in the top 10 list: Israel ranked fourth and New Zealand at the tenth position are the only two non-European countries listed under the top ten.

Ranking of Russia and Ukraine: This year Russia is at No. 70 and Ukraine ranked 92.

The position of neighbor countries of India in the World Happiness Report 2023:

Rank Neighbor countries
64 China
78 Nepal
108 Pakistan
112 Sri Lanka
117 Myanmar
118 Bangladesh

Bottom countries in World Happiness Report 2023:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Lebanon
  3. Sierra Leone
  4. Zimbabwe
  5. Congo
  6. Botswana
  7. Malawi


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