Important Articles of the Indian Constitution

Article Related matter
1 Name and territory of the Union
3 Formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries, or names of existing states
12 Articles 12 to 35 are fundamental rights. these are the most important Visit Fundamental rights for details
14 Equality before law
16 Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment
17 Abolition of untouchability
19 Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.
21 Protection of life and personal liberty
21A Right to elementary education
30 Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions
31C Saving of laws giving effect to certain directive principles
32 Remedies for enforcement of fundamental rights including writs

Dr. Ambedkar called it the heart and soul of the Indian constitution.

36  Article 36 to 51 DPSPs
40 Organization of village panchayats
45 Provision for early childhood care and education to children below the age of 6 years.
46 Promotion of educational and economic interests of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other weaker sections
50 Separation of judiciary from the executive
51 Promotion of international peace and security
51A Fundamental duties
52 The President of India
72 Power of President to grant pardons, etc., and to suspend, remit or commute sentences in certain cases
78 Duties of the prime minister as respects the furnishing of information to the president, etc.
80 Number of seats of Rajyasabha
82 Number of seats in Lok sabha
110 Definition of Money Bills
112 Annual financial statement (Budget)
143 Power of President to consult Supreme Court
155 Appointment of governor
167 Duties of the chief minister with regard to the furnishing of information to the governor, etc.
169 Abolition or creation of legislative councils in states
226 Power of high courts to issue certain writs
239AA Special provisions with respect to Delhi
262 Adjudication of disputes relating to waters of inter-state rivers or river valleys
263 Provisions with respect to an inter-state council
280 Finance Commission
300A Persons not to be deprived of property save by authority of law (Right to property)
312 All-India Services
315 Public service commissions for the Union and for the states
320 Functions of Public service commissions
324 Superintendence, direction, and control of elections to be vested in an Election Commission
352 Proclamation of Emergency (National Emergency)
356 Provisions in case of failure of constitutional machinery in states (President’s Rule)
360 Provisions as to financial emergency.
368 Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and procedure

important articles of Indian constitution


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