Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2022:

Released Date: 9th Nov 2021

CCPI is Released by: Germanwatch, Climate Action Network (CAN), New Climate Institute.

INDIA Rank: 10th (India has retained its previous year’s ranking and ranked 10th in CCPI 2022 report.

  • Top Rank: Denmark (4th rank). As per the report, the top three ranks are empty, and non of the country has performed well in all CPPI aspects.
  • INDIA  has retained its previous year’s position and ranked 10th in CCPI 2022 report for 3rd time in a row.

As per Paris agreement on Climate Change  “ The Climate Crisis is an existential threat to life on Earth. To reduce the magnitude of the crisis, Impacts, we must limit Global Warming to 1.5°C.” Only Decisive action will reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions which are responsible for Climate change.

Key Points of CCPI

About Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI):

Since 2005, the CCPI report annually published by Germanwatch, Climate Action Network (CAN), and New Climate Institute.

Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is an independent monitoring tool for tracking the climate protection performance of 60 countries and the EU (European Union).

  • Together (60 Countries+ EU as a whole) these countries account for 90% of global emissions.

Aim of CCPI: The main goal of the CCPI is to enhance transparency in international climate policies and enable the comparison of Climate protection efforts among participating countries to show the progress and setbacks.

Methodology: The CCPI accesses each country’s performance in four categories with 14 indicators:

  • GHG Emission (Greenhouse Gas Emission): 40% of the overall ranking
  • Renewable Energy: 20 %
  • Energy Use: 20%
  • Climate Policy: 20%

The CCPI’s unique Climate Policy section evaluates the progress of countries in the implementation of policies working towards achieving the Paris agreement goals.

  • As per CCPI 2022 report, Denmark reaches the best ranking with a “High“ in the categories of Greenhouse Gas Emission, Renewable Energy, and Climate Policy. Overall Rank is 4th.
  • In the overall ranking, the top-ranked countries are SWEDEN (5th), NORWAY (6th), The UNITED KINGDOM (7th), MOROCCO (8th), CHILE (9th), and INDIA (10th).
  • Overall top three ranks are empty due to non of the countries have achieved the highest rating as per CCPI categories.
CCPI Categories and it’s 14 Indicators that are used for country rating:
CCPI Category and Indicators

 CCPI Category and Indicators

India’s Performance in CCPI 2022 :

INDIA has retained its ranking in the top 10, the best-performing countries, and ranked 10th for the last three consecutive years with a score of 69.22 out of 100.

INDIA Performance rated HIGH in the Categories “Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission, Energy Use, and Climate Policy and Rated MEDIUM in Renewable Energy.

  • INDIA ranked in CCPI performance in individual categories as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission ranked 10th with a score of 31.42, Renewable Energy ranked 24th with a score of 9.10, Energy Use ranked 14th with a score of 14.69 and Climate Policy ranked 16th with a score 14.00.
  • INDIA is on track to meet its 2030 emission target which is compatible with well below 20 C Global Warming.
  • INDIA is close to achieving its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) target of a 40% share for non-fossil fuel installed power capacity by 2030 and targeted a 33-35 % reduction in energy intensity by the same year.
  • INDIA receives overall performance is HIGH.
INDIA ranking in CCPI 2022 Category Wise:
INDIA Ranking in CCPI 2022

INDIA Ranking in Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI)

Global Performance CCPI 2022 :
  • No country has performed well this year in CCPI performance categories to achieve the highest ranking and therefore, again top three positions remained empty.
  • Denmark is the highest-rated country and ranked 4th in CCPI 2022 but It has not performed well overall to get a rating very high.

G20 Countries: As per the report, the UK (7th), INDIA (10th), GERMANY (13th), and FRANCE (17th) are four countries with high performers in G20. Eleven Countries received a Low or Very Low overall rating.

  • The G20 countries are responsible for about 75% of the world’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Saudi Arabia is the Worst Performing country in G20 and ranked 63 overall.

The EU (European Union): EU is a group of 27 European Countries that have not performed well and ranked 22nd overall. It received a MEDIUM rating overall for all four CCPI categories.

  • EU has slipped 6th place from last year and no longer is among the high performers.
  • Denmark and Sweden are the best performing EU countries and ranked Denmark 4th and Sweden 5th in the overall ranking.
  • Slovenia (50th), Czech Republic (51st), Poland (52nd), and Hungry (53rd) are among the worst-performing EU countries.

CPPI report 2022 shows the Least performer is AUSTRALIA and It has slipped 4 places and ranked 58th. Look Back to CCPI 2014, Australia has performed very low and received very low ratings continuously in all CCPI rating categories.

  • As per CCPI, the overall ranking  Bottom 10 low-performing countries are Algeria (54th), the United States (55th), the Russian Federation (56th), Malaysia (57th), Australia (58th), Korea (59th), Chinese Taipei (60th), Canada (61st), Islamic Republic of Iran (62nd), Saudi Arabia (63), Kazakhstan (64th).
    Suggestions for INDIA:
    • The CCPI experts stress India’s ambitious renewable energy policies, such as its target to achieve a renewable electricity capacity of 450 GW and a 30% electric vehicle share by 2030.
    • The experts also argue that the country should set an explicit net Zero target for 2050 leveraging its domestic success on renewable and emission intensity into international initiatives.
    Climate Change Performance Index 2022 Ranking Table : 
    Climent Change Performance Index 2022 Ranking Table

    Climate Change Performance Index 2022 Ranking Table


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