World military expenditure report 2022

Who Released: SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)

When Released: 25th – April – 2022

SIPRI released the report of The World Military Expenditure 2021  on 25th – April – 2022.

As per the report, World Military Expenditure passes $2 Trillion US dollars for the first time in world history. Even in the Economic fall down due to the COVID-19 pandemic World Military Spending hit all-time high record levels.

Total Global Military Expenditure in 2021 was 0.7 percent higher than in 2020 and it has reached the $2113 Billion US dollar mark. 

As per the report, the Top 5 spending countries are the United States, China, INDIA, the United Kingdom, and Russia. Together, it accounts for 62 % of the total world expenditure on military spending.

Top 10 countries list and its ranking of World military expenditure report in 2021:


Top 10 list and tanking in world military spending

             Top 10 Countries list and ranking of the World Military Spending in 2021

Key Points of World military expenditure report 2022:
  • World military spending continued to grow in 2021, Reached an all-time high and it has crossed the $2 trillion US dollar mark and reached $2113 Billion US dollar.
  • The five largest Military spenders in 2021 were the United States, China, INDIA, The United Kingdom, and Russia.
  • These top five Military spender countries are together accounted for 62 % percent of total world military spending. The US and China alone accounted for 52 % percent of total world Military spending.
  • As per the report, USA military spending amounted $801 billion dollar in 2021. It is a drop of 1.4 % in total military spending from 2020.
  • In 2021, China’s Military spending rose for the 27th consecutive year to reach $293 billion US dollars.
  • Russia’s military spending grew for the 3rd consecutive year in 2021. Military Spending rose by 2.9 % to reach $65.9 Billion US dollars. This amount of spending is 4.1 % percent of the total GDP of Russia.
  • World military expenditure has increased in three regions of the world’s five regions in 2021.
    • Military spending has increased in ASIA and Oceania region by 3.5 % percent
    • Military spending has increased in the EUROPE region by 3.0 % Percent.
    • African region military spending has increased also by 1.0 % percent.
    • Military Spending decreased in the Middle East region by -3.3 % percent.
    • Military spending decreased also in the Americas Region by -1.2 % percent.
  • In terms of Global GDP share, World military spending reached 2.2 % percent in 2021 and it is 0.1 % percent lower than in 2020.
  • Countries allocated funds to militaries an average of 5.9 % of their total government budget in 2021. It is the same proportion as in 2020.
 About INDIA’s military expenditure in 2021?
  • India’s military expenditure increased to $76.6 Billion US dollars in 2021. It is showing a 0.9 % hike over the 2020 spending.
  • India’s military spending was the 3rd highest in the world and it was $76.6 Billion US dollars. This increment was 33% higher from 2012.
  • India has prioritized and modernization of its armed forces and self-reliance in armed production.
  • 64 % of the capital in the total military spending budget was used to strengthen the indigenous armed industry in 2021 and it was assigned for the acquisition of domestically produced arms.


Global Military Spending  2021 chart in spending percentage :
Global military Spending chart 2021

                             World military expenditure chart 2021


About SIPRI :

SIPRI stands for “Stockholm International Peace Research Institute” . It is an independent international institute based in Stockholm Sweden and was Founded in 1966 by the Swedish Parliament.  It is dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control, and disarmament.

SIPRI vision is a world in which sources of insecurity are identified and understood, Conflicts are prevented or resolved, and peace is sustained.




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