Important Peasant Movements of Indian Modern History

During the time of the rule of the Europeans, many uprisings were witnessed in our country. Many revenues and increased rents were imposed on Indian peasants. Due to these circumstances, revolts and uprisings came into existence from time to time against their rule by our farmers, cultivators, and poor communities led by our leaders.

Some Peasant movements are given in the table below:

Movement Year cause
Pagal Panthis’s Movement 1825-1835 The movement was of Hajongs and Garo tribes under the leadership of Karam Shah and Tipu Shah in Bengal, this movement was against raise in rents.
Moplah Uprisings 1836-1854 In the Malabar region, It was against the risen revenue and reduced size of the field.
Indigo Revolt 1859-1860 Under the leadership of Digambar and Bishnu Biswas, Indigo cultivators against the terms imposed by the British. For this situation, the indigo commission was set up in 1860.
Deccan Peasant’s Uprising 1857 By Maratha peasant of Kardeh vill. and Poona in Maharashtra, it was against corrupt Gujarati and Marwari moneylenders. For this situation Agriculturists’ Relief Act 1879 was passed.
Pabna Agrarian Uprising 1873 Led by Shah Chandra Roy, Khoodi Mollah, and Shambhu Pal, in Pabna district East Bengal (now in Bangladesh). It was against Zamindaris policies for preventing Occupants and occupancy rights. For this, the Bengal Tenancy Act of 1885 was passed.
Punjab Peasants Revolt End of the 19th century This revolt was Against losing their land. The Punjab Land Alienation Act 1900 was passed.
Champaran Satyagraha 1917 By peasant of Champaran in Bihar. It was against the ‘Tinkathia system’ imposed by Europeans for cultivating indigo. The Tinkathia system was abolished by “The Champaran Agrarian Act”.
Kheda Satyagraha 1918 By peasants of Kheda and led by M.K. Gandhi.  
Eka movement 1921-22 By the caste Ahir and Pasi against hike in rent.
Bardoli Satyagraha 1928 In Surat, Gujarat supported by the Mehta brothers and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This was against the upper cast for untouchability and 22 percent increased revenue. After the movement, the revenue was brought down to 6.03 percent.
Tebhaga Movement 1946-47 This movement was against Moneylenders and Zamindars by the peasant (sharecroppers) of Bengal. The Bargardari Bill was passed for this.

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