biospheres reserves in India

Biosphere Reserves in India

What are Biosphere reserves? Biosphere reserves are ‘learning places for sustainable development. They provide support in research and analysis of issues of conservation of sustainable development. They are sites for testing interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and managing changes and interactions between social and ecological systems. Biosphere reserves include the prevention Read more…

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Mountain passes of India

List of Mountain Passes of India

Mountain Passes in India Mostly Mountain Passes are found above the sources of rivers, these passes may be very short, or maybe many kilometers long. We are listing here the Passes which are found in India with their State (source place). List of Mountain Passes in India Name of Passes Read more…

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Era of militant nationalism

The Era of Militant Nationalism in India

The Era of Militant Nationalism in India Militant Nationalism  in India -(1905- 1909) A militant nationalist approach to political activity emerged in the 1890s and it come visible by 1905. In addition to this trend, a revolutionary wing also came into existence. Growth of Militant Nationalism Many factors were responsible Read more…

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