Global Gender Gap (GGG) Index 2022

Global Gender Gap (GGG) Index: released on 13 July 2022

The index released by: World Economic Forum

  • This year, the report covers 146 countries, including for the first time Comoros.
  • Iceland is on top rank with a score 0.908
  • The rank of India: 135 out of 146 countries. In 2021 the rank of India was 140 out of 156 Countries.
  • Afghanistan on 146th (last) rank with a minimum score 0.435; (43.5%)


The GGG index was first introduced by the World Economic Forum in 2006 to benchmark progress toward gender parity and compare countries’ gender gaps across four dimensions:

  • Economic opportunities
  • Education
  • Health
  • Political leadership.
Framework GGG index 2022

Pillar of GGG index 2022- Image Source: WEF

World Economic forum:

  • It is the International organization for Public-Private Cooperation.
  • World Economic Forum was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation.
  • Its headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland.
Top Five Ranking Countries in Global Gender Gap Index 2022

The top five ranking countries are:

  1. Iceland
  2. Finland
  3. Norway
  4. New Zealand
  5. Sweden
    Top 10 countries in Global Gender Gap index

    Top 10 countries in the Global Gender Gap index – Image Source: WEF

    Five bottom countries:

    1. Chad
    2. Iran
    3. Congo Democratic rep.
    4. Pakistan
    5. Afghanistan
    Global Gender Gap Index 2022

    10 bottom countries’ GGG index- Image Source: WEF

    2022’s most improving and declined countries in closing their gender gap:

    The Most Improving countries:

    • Vanuatu – score: (67%, +4.5 percentage points since the previous edition)
    • Kenya – (72.9%, +3.7 percentage points)
    • Saudi Arabia- (63.6%, +3.3 percentage points)

    Most Declined countries:

    • Algeria (60.2%, -3 percentage points)
    • Malawi (63.2%, -3.9 percentage points)
    • Benin (61.2%, -4.1 percentage points)
    Performance by sub-index-

    The result for 2022 shows across the 146 countries covered by the index is closed by:

    • the health and survival gender gap has closed by 95.8%,
    • the Educational Attainment by 94.4%
    • the Economic Participation and opportunity 60.3%
    • the Political Empowerment by 22%

    State of GGG Index – Subindex . Image Source: WEF

    Economic Participation and Opportunity:

    The subindex shows increased deviation from last year between economies, with the lowest standing at 18% (Afghanistan) and the highest at 88% (Lao PDR).

    • Pakistan is the country where women have the smallest share of senior, managerial and legislative roles (4.5%)
    Educational Attainment:
    • Countries’ performance varied between rates ranging from 48% to 100% on this dimension.
    Health and Survival Subindex:

    In this dimension, most countries are positioned near parity.

    • Across the entire index, 141 countries across all regions have closed at least 95% of their health gender gaps.
    • Qatar, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, China, and India are the five countries with gender gaps larger than 5%.
    Political Empowerment:

    The subindex shows no overall progress against last year, with virtually no change in the three indicators that constitute it.

    India in Global Gender Gap Index 2022:

    India in the index:

    • India secured 135th rank in GGG Index.
    • In 2022 India scores 0.629, which is the 7th highest score in the last 16 years.
    • In comparison to 2021, the share of women legislators, senior officials, and managers increased from 14.6% to 17.6%.
    • The share of women as professional and technical workers grew from 29.2% to 32.9%.
    Position of India in GGG index

    Position of India in the GGG index


    position of India in GGG index 2022

    position of India in the GGG index 2022 under South Asia. Image Source: WEF

    The rank of neighbour countries of India in the Global Gender Gap Index 2022:
    The rank of neighbour countries of India in the Global Gender Gap Index 2022
    Country Rank
    Bangladesh 71
    Nepal 96
    China 102
    Sri Lanka 110
    Bhutan 126
    Pakistan 145

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